island of ireland peace choir

The Island of Ireland Peace Choir

The Island of Ireland Peace Choir was formed in the wake of an atrocity that happened in the town of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. August 15th, 1998 will always be synonymous with the worst terrorist attack that visited the Province during the troubles but history will show that it was a watershed, the beginning of the end of a toleration of violence and terrorism on this island.

No ideology, no cause, could justify the killing of 29 innocent people and 2 unborn babies when the car bomb exploded on that sun soaked Summer’s afternoon. The level of revulsion throughout Ireland was so strong that people realised that it was time for ordinary citizens to step in from the sidelines and become active participants in the process of breaking down traditional divisions on this island.

Our inspiration comes from a young woman, Claire Gallagher, who was only 15 on the day the bomb struck and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The shrapnel from the bomb that exploded in the car close to where Claire was standing was to deprive Claire of the chance of ever seeing again. She remained defiant. Now, 17 years on, she is married to Ryan and has two lovely boys Oran and Conor and a baby girl, Cara. Claire has recently opened her own Music Academy in Omagh and she readily admits that it was her love of music and her family and friends that sustained her through her many dark days. After singing at her wedding in June 2007, Claire asked if we could keep the group together and try to ensure that our sound and our message lived on beyond that day. We agreed and the rest is history! READ MORE……

Listen below to the sound of the Choir – ‘In the bleak midwinter’